The Aquatic Therapy program at Brown-Rogers focuses on in-pool exercise with a certified therapist. Our heated pool is located apart from the general treatment areas and has a single level, non-sloping floor, as well as an area for deep water activities.  The pool is heated to 92 degrees, while the ambient room temperature is held close to water temperature for patient comfort. 


Aquatic therapy is especially beneficial for those with back pain, orthopedic injuries, or for multiple site dysfunction that is a result of conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Heated water, buoyancy, immersion, hydrostatic pressure, and resistance to body movement are biophysical properties which allow patients to accomplish tolerable strength, balance, and aerobic exercise.

Following injury, surgery, or immobilization, aquatic therapy can be initiated earlier that traditional land-based programs. 

Indications for Aquatic Therapy

  • Pain    

  • Sports Injuries                                 

  • Total Joint Replacement              

  • Spinal Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis    

  • Balance Dysfunctions

  • Deconditioning

  • Weakness

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Poor Endurance

  • Gait Deviations

  • Limitations in Range of Motion

  • Restrictions on Weight Bearing

Our Aquatics Program:

  • Qualified Instructors

  • Privacy of Pool Area

  • Limited Number of Clients to Allow Freedom of Movement in the Water

  • Therapist Assistance Provided in the Water


Properties of Water:

  • Buoyancy- the upward force of the water decreases body weight in the water

  • Immersion-variations in the degree of immersion in the water environment affect the weight of the body in water

  • Hydrostatic pressure- fluid pressure exerted by the water on the body when immersed;  this light pressure assists with reduction of edema or swelling in the body. 

  • Viscosity-provides comfortable resistance to body movement


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